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Top 10 Estate Planning Myths

Everyone needs to worry about estate planning. That planning doesn’t only pertain to what happens when you die but what could happen if you end up incapacitated.
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Protecting Inheritances in a Blended Family

As divorce and second marriages become increasingly common, more people find themselves raising children who are not biologically their own. Estate planning for blended families should address this unique situation.
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Key Components of an Estate Plan to Tackle First

Having the right legacy plans and documents in place is one of the most important steps aging individuals can take, both to give themselves peace of mind and to avoid the possibility that confusion will make an already challenging situation even worse.
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Should You Give Your Children an Inheritance Now?

Retirees should secure themselves first, and if you’re all set there, then consider a few other things, such as the impact on the children and tax issues.
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What Is the Relationship between Executor and Beneficiaries?

In terms of executor vs. beneficiary rights, there are several differences with regard to what type of authority each one has.
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Get These Estate and Tax Items Done Before It’s Too Late

What estate planners need to accomplish for their clients before Tax Day, as well as the regulatory changes they need to be aware of while preparing for the big day.
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What Makes Americans Worry about Estate Planning?

One-quarter of Americans said inflation has caused them to think about estate planning, the survey said. Two out of three Americans said they don’t have any kind of estate planning documents.
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Think Strategically when Creating an Estate Plan

Crafting a carefully considered estate plan can ensure that asset distribution aligns with both your intended legacy and your beneficiaries’ needs.
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What are the Big Emotional Issues in Estate Planning?

There is a massive movement of money going on right under our nose. It’s not illegal or unethical. However, it’s fraught with peril.
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Three Ways to Making Trusts Millennial Friendly

If your estate plan benefits Gen Y (also known as Millennials) it’s important to design a trust that supports what makes them thrive.
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