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Revocable Trusts Make Sense for Retirees

If you plan to pass assets through a will, just remember that most of the time, that will becomes public once the probate estate is closed. Therefore, if you left one of your children out, left your favorite a bit more or are just a private person, you may be better off with a trust.
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Do You Need a Will or Trusts or Both?

A traditional will could be the simplest but not necessarily the best way to pass on your legacy.
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Three More Reasons to Have an Estate Plan

Estate planning not only makes things easier for your loved ones if you become incapacitated or when you’re gone, but it also does these three important things.
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Should I Add My Pet to Estate Plan?

When it comes to pets and estates, there are two main rules to understand.
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Is a Power of Attorney Really Necessary?

A document usually included in an estate planning package is a financial power of attorney. What is a financial power of attorney?
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Tasks to Be Done After a Loved One Passes

Even though the death of a loved one comes with unbearable grief, there are important tasks you must carry out as soon as you’re able.
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How can You Make Changes to Your Estate Plan?

Wills and trusts are typically changed over time as life circumstances, the state where you reside, or your desired outcomes change.
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Unmarried Couple? What You Need to Know about Estate Planning

Unmarried couples don’t receive the same legal protections as married couples when it comes to inheritance and taxes.
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What Is a No-Contest Clause?

No-contest clauses deter challenges to your estate plan. However, you might want to consider terms that allow for legit challenges related to undue influence.
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Why are Contingent Beneficiaries Important?

When planning your estate rarely will you experience difficulty naming your initial beneficiary or beneficiaries for your will, IRA’s or life insurance.
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