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What Is Multigenerational Estate Planning?

When multiple generations live on the same property, issues over ownership, who inherits what and who provides what can get complicated fast.
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It Can Take Time to Learn about Inheritances

You may not always know it if you have an inheritance coming. And in some cases, you may not even know the individual has passed on.
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What are the Responsibilities of a Probate Judge?

A probate judge is an official of the county court system and a judicial official of the state who decides civil court cases that involve the probate process. Probate is the process of proving wills for those who have died with one (testate cases).
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What Is a ‘Step-Up’ in Basis in Estate Planning?

The “step-up” in basis has to do with the calculation of the capital gains on the sale of property.
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What are the Benefits of Creating a Life Estate?

By understanding the features of a life estate and creating one at the right time, you can reap the following benefits….
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How Does Portability Work in a Second Marriage Estate Plan?

The family’s attorney and family office advisors should exercise caution in a marriage in which there are children from a prior marriage or other nonstandard family situations.
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How Can I Leave Property to a Minor?

You cannot name a legal minor as a beneficiary. This applies to almost all legal documents, most notably wills and life insurance policies.
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How Do You Split Property Among Heirs?

If you thought that doing your taxes got complicated when you acquired more assets, wait until you try to split them up among multiple children when planning their inheritance.
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Estate Planning for Today’s Modern Blended Family

The modern blended family has far more needs when it comes to estate planning than a traditional family. Here are some challenges, tips and solutions.
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What Can You Do If Someone Steals Your Inheritance?

As far as the “how” goes, it’s important to remember that inheritance theft can take many different forms.
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