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How are Retirement Plans Handled in an Estate Plan?

Many an estate plan has gone awry due to a misunderstanding of how retirement plan benefits work or a failure to consider retirement plan beneficiary designations as part of an overall estate plan.
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An Estate Plan Question: How Do My Heirs Receive Their Money?

This article explores trusts, distribution methods, and how a trust can make it easier or harder for heirs to receive the money.
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Why Estate Planning for Veterans and Active Military Is Important and What Documents are Essential

This article explores the importance of estate planning for veterans and active military personnel and the essential documents to include in your estate plan.
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Why are Inheritance Conversations Necessary?

Death and money aren’t fun subjects to bring up over dinner. However, families who make time for that awkward chat now can spare deep regrets and potentially millions in lost dollars.
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Safeguarding against Financial Exploitation: Estate Planning for Cognitive Decline

As family members and caregivers notice signs of cognitive decline in loved ones, it is essential to take proactive steps to safeguard assets.  Seeking guidance from an elder law attorney to navigate complex planning issues as well as guard against financial exploitation reduces vulnerability to fraud.
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Inheritance Trends: How They May Affect Today’s and Tomorrow’s Estate Planning

We look at the latest research findings offering valuable insights into the inheritance trends impacting today’s and tomorrow’s estate planning strategies.
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Why Estate Planning Is Essential for Small Business Owners

Your business, likely your most valuable asset, deserves careful consideration within your estate plan to ensure a smooth transition of ownership and management in the event of incapacity or death.
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Trust Dynamics: Insights on Avoiding Trouble with Your Trustee

Trusts are a smart and well-known estate planning tool that names or appoints a trustee to administer and distribute the assets according to the terms. However, how often do estate owners ask, “What if something goes wrong, and the trustee breaches their duties?”
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The Mystery of Trusts: What Your Estate Planning Attorney Wishes You Knew

Understanding trusts and their tax nuances can empower you to make informed decisions regarding the type of trust you choose for your estate planning purposes.
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Estate Planning for Gen Xers and Aging Parents: For Financial Peace of Mind

Many Generation Xers are in a unique position, “sandwiched” between raising their children and caring for aging parents. A proactive estate plan can help alleviate financial burdens and smooth aging parents' path into retirement for both generations.
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