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How can Families Minimize or Avoid Estate Taxes?

An unprecedented rush to relinquish wealth is underway, and it isn’t just for billionaires.
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What Is a Transfer on Death (TOD) Beneficiary?

A person named as a transfer on death (TOD) beneficiary for an account will receive the assets held in it when the account owner dies.
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Can a Minor Be Named as a Beneficiary?

You can’t name a legal minor as a beneficiary. This applies to almost all legal documents, most notably wills and life insurance policies.
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Minimize Family Feuds about Your Inheritance

The distribution of wealth among beneficiaries through your final will and testament is often a complex and sensitive issue, one that can potentially spark conflicts and legal challenges among family members.
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Can I Help My Kid Buy a Home?

Parents with resources could purchase the property for the child, but that often does not drive the right incentive. How then, do you get the funds to the child in the most responsible and tax-efficient way?
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What’s the Best Way to Sell an Inherited Estate to an Heir?

We have a situation where both of my in-laws passed away in the last several years. My wife was the daughter and she and her brother are the executors to the last of my in-laws to pass away.
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When Is a Child Not A Descendant?

Wills and trusts, instead of designating a specific person to inherit, often name a group or class of people such as your ‘children,’ ‘issue’ or your ‘descendants.’
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How to Pass on Family Heirlooms with Fewer Estate Battles

There are better—and often more creative—ways to plan and divide that can avoid family squabbles over cars, jewelry, furniture and household items.
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Do You Need a Revocable Trust?

One of the most common misconceptions about a last will and testament is that having a will avoids the need for probate court.
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What Is a Letter of Instruction?

You’ve completed all the estate planning documents your lawyer recommended, do you really need to take another step?
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