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What Is an Estate Planning Checkup?

An appointment with your estate planning attorney can address any holes that have developed and ensure that everything is in place.
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What are Some Best Practices for a Trustee?

Being a trustee is difficult. However, adopting the following four best practices employed by professional trustees will go a long way to ensure that you’ll effectively execute your duties and mitigate your liability.
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Can a Power of Attorney Withdraw Money from Bank Account?

The first step in understanding whether a power of attorney can transfer money to themselves is to understand the different types of power of attorney.
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What are RMD Rules for 2023?

The SECURE 2.0 Act, which was signed into law in December 2022, changes the RMD rules for retirement savers beginning in 2023.
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How Do I Maximize My IRA?

Use these suggestions to boost the balance in your retirement nest egg.
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Top Benefits of Estate Planning

Estate planning isn’t just for the ultra-wealthy, nor is it something you should put off until your golden years.
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Busting Some Estate Planning Myths

While thinking about legacy planning can be unpleasant because it involves discussions about incapacity or mortality, it's an important aspect of good financial planning that shouldn't be ignored.
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Can a Revocable Trust Protect Assets from Creditors?

With a revocable trust, you are typically both the founder and the trustee. This means that you both create the trust and manage its assets and operations.
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How to Plan a Business Succession

A frequent complaint by next-generation members is that the senior generation never fully lets go of business tasks.
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Why You Need a Secondary Beneficiary

Naming secondary beneficiaries can help estate planners avoid the delay and costs of going through probate, as well as ensure that your wishes are carried out.
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