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Why Your Will Is Just One Part of an Estate Plan

Those beneficiary forms you filled out years ago can supersede your other estate plans.
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How Does an Inheritance Trust Work?

Inheritance trusts take on critical importance in wealth management, particularly for multi-generational families.
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Estate Planning and Tax Planning for Business Owners

This article will explore key considerations and actionable insights for business owners to reduce their tax burden, protect their assets and facilitate a smooth wealth transition.
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Do I Have to Pay Taxes on Trusts?

Trust distributions might be taxable, with the tax liability potentially varying based on factors, such as the type of trust, the kind of distributions and a beneficiary’s tax bracket.
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What Happens When the Second Parent Passes?

However, settling the second spouse's affairs was more complex, even with advance planning. Everything from wills to banking to tax returns became more complicated.
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Have Estate Plan Checkup before Heading to Warmer Winter

If you are headed somewhere warm to spend the winter months, you will want to be sure you have everything in order before you go.
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What You Should Know about Inherited IRA

Navigating the often complex world of inherited individual retirement accounts (IRAs) can be daunting, especially in the wake of losing a loved one.
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Estate Plan can Ease Anxiety and Confirm Legacy

Preparing for the future supports the causes you believe in and provides peace of mind for you and your heirs.
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Do You Need a ‘Pour-Over’ Will?

For those who want to avoid the court-controlled process that takes place after a person’s death (known as ‘probate’)—using a Revocable Living Trust is typically the best way to do so.
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How Should I Plan for a ‘Solo Retirement’?

Here are some steps that women can take to ensure they are financially secure during their “solo retirement.”
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