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Older Singles Can Plan to Protect Themselves

Aging solo is about those individuals who are widowed or not married, live alone and have no family or none they can count on. They are going through the last years of their lives on their own. It can be just fine until one’s health declines and the usual activities and access to friends get out of reach.
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How a Special Needs Trust (SNT) Protects Loved Ones

While it may not seem necessary when a special needs child is young, setting up a trust to ensure their financial stability is better to be done sooner rather than later.
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Revocable Trusts Must Be Funded to Make Estate Plan Work

The primary benefits of revocable trusts only are available if a revocable trust is FUNDED during life. Unfortunately, experienced estate planning attorneys often have clients who delay the funding of their revocable trusts until it is too late and miss many of the benefits that these trusts provide.
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What Exactly Is Probate Court?

A formal probate process involves specific, usually straightforward steps. Issues that may arise during the process can lengthen the time it lasts until it is closed by the court.
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What Elements are Overlooked in Estate Plans?

There are certain provisions that people often forget to put in a will or estate plan that can have a big impact on a family.
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You Can Avoid Unintended Consequences

Although there is certainly no shortage of people with selfish or malevolent intent, a great number of estate plans that end in disaster are due to unintended consequences.
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Single Parents Need Estate Planning

Nobody likes thinking about what happens if they should become incapacitated or die. However, we all need to have a plan in place for just these possibilities.
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Why Is ‘When’ the Big Question in Estate Planning?

People approaching retirement ponder numerous questions. However, I’ve found that many of the most important questions revolve around the word ‘when.’
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What Should Women Know About Estate Planning?

It is essential that women do not surrender the responsibility of managing their financial affairs and devising their estate plan to their family … but take complete charge of this important duty.
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Top 10 Estate Planning Myths

Everyone needs to worry about estate planning. That planning doesn’t only pertain to what happens when you die but what could happen if you end up incapacitated.
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