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How Do IRAs and 401(k)s Fit into Estate Planning?

Investing for retirement is one of the most important steps you can take toward building a secure financial future for you and your family. The sooner you can start, the better. Contributing to a retirement account can help you work toward your goals and may provide tax advantages to boost your progress.
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Passing Assets Through A Trust: How Does it Work?

There’s no single path for everyone to follow. However, you might consider establishing a trust, which offers some key benefits.
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Jointly Owned Property: What Happens When a Co-Owner Dies?

Various types of property, such as bank accounts and real estate, can be owned jointly with another person(s).
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Is Your Estate Plan Ready for Tax Changes?

There are useful estate planning vehicles that take advantage of current historically high federal exemptions, while providing flexibility to adapt and modify those plans based upon future events or tax law changes.
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High-Interest Rates Have an Impact on Estate Planning

When the 7520 rate is low—as it has been for 15 years—opportunities for good planning abound.  However, what about when the rate is high? Few estate planners have needed to ask themselves that question until very recently.
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Is Estate Planning and Writing a Will the Same Thing?

Many people think that estate planning and writing a will are the same. However, one is actually just part of the other.
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Protect Your Estate: Tips on How to Safely Store Your Estate Plan

Safeguarding legal documents and providing access to this information is a big consideration in your caregiving plan.
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Can a 529 Plan Help with Estate Planning?

You can set up a 529 savings plan account for any beneficiary. You can also set up accounts for as many beneficiaries as you want.
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What Is the Best Asset Protection?

Perhaps the largest number of people who may benefit from asset protection planning are those who are at most mildly concerned about asset protection issues, or not even aware of the need for such planning.
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What Is Included in an Estate Inventory?

One of the essential steps in the probate process is filing an inventory of all the assets that are part of the estate.
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