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Can a Revocable Trust Protect Assets from Creditors?

With a revocable trust, you are typically both the founder and the trustee. This means that you both create the trust and manage its assets and operations.
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How to Plan a Business Succession

A frequent complaint by next-generation members is that the senior generation never fully lets go of business tasks.
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Why You Need a Secondary Beneficiary

Naming secondary beneficiaries can help estate planners avoid the delay and costs of going through probate, as well as ensure that your wishes are carried out.
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What are the Benefits of Creating a Life Estate?

Once you create a life estate, property rights vest in your heir.
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When Can Gifts or Donations Be Made for You?

Many older adults enjoy giving money during their lifetime to family members or donations to a religious or charitable organizations.
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The Best Way to Organize Your Estate Plan

Does somebody else know where it is in the event of your death or incapacity?
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Steps to Take for End-of-Life Planning

It isn’t just about wills and funerals—it is a reflection of your values, your goals for healthy aging, and the hopes and dreams you have for those you love.
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What Do I Need to Know If I’m Getting an Inheritance?

Heirs receiving an inheritance can expect the process to take time. Having a plan for the money and consulting with professionals are also things to keep in mind.
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Preventing Disinheritance: Safeguarding Your Loved Ones

If your beneficiary designations are out of date and you die without updating those designations, your assets could go the wrong people–a former spouse, for example–no matter what your will says.
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Who Should I Name as a Co-Trustee?

Unlike a last will and testament, a revocable living trust is effective during your lifetime.
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