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Do Young Adults Need a Will?

These days it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by many things such as politics, gas prices, the gyrating stock market, summer travel, heatwaves and your health. One thing that shouldn’t overwhelm you is estate planning.
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How Do I Contest a Will?

Wills often go through probate, which is the legal process for settling an estate. The rules are different for every state, so check with an attorney or your local county office to learn more.
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Avoid Mistakes in Beneficiary Designations

Here are five critical mistakes to avoid when dealing with your beneficiary designations.
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Will your family fight over assets after you’ve died?

California residents have become increasingly aware of the need to have an estate plan in place. The most recent trend has likely occurred in light of several celebrities passing away without plans, and consequently, leaving their families to deal with a mess in the aftermath.
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Divorce and its Impact on Estate Planning

An issue often overlooked while going through a divorce is the critical impact it may have on an estate plan (i.e. will, trust, and other documents). Here, we’ll focus on the impact that a divorce can have on an existing trust and why it’s important to have your trust reviewed by a licensed California estate planning attorney after you’ve filed for divorce.
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Power of Attorney: Who will decide when you cannot?

We plan for the weekend, we plan for vacations and holidays. We boldly plan for life’s uncertain events with particularity and detail. It’s as if the future is all but promised to us all. While making these types of plans is important, how much more important is it to plan for the certain but unpopular life events with the same amount of vigor? Namely, planning by way of creating a will, establishing a trust, and appointing agents through power of attorney (POA).
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Should You Name Legal Guardians for Your Children?

How would life look for your children if they were suddenly left without parents? Who would be notified and how might they respond? Would they have the means to love and support your child until adulthood and beyond? As unsettling and difficult as it may be, parents must consider who would raise their children if they are unable to do so.
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So, What Happens if I Don’t Update My Estate Plan?

We get it, estate planning is not the most popular item on your “to-do” list. And for many who get around to doing it, their plan becomes a forgotten relic left to collect dust on the bookcase. Whether you’ve spent thousands for a comprehensive plan or utilized a do-it-yourself option that you found online, it’s critical to update your plan to ensure it works as intended at death or incapacity.
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Should a trust be used to transfer your assets?

Wills and living trusts are popular terms when discussing options for leaving gifts or an inheritance upon death. While there are similarities between the two, the differences in the way they operate to transfer one’s assets can be profound. There’s no doubt that a valid will can transfer assets, but its limitations make it a far less attractive option for those seeking more protection and control at death or incapacity.
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Estate plan essentials: When a will is not enough

It’s true — a will is a foundational part of your estate plan. In fact, it’s often the first thing that comes to mind while considering your legacy and passing down hard-earned assets.
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